There was a super weird sandstorm in Japan this weekend. At first I thought it was just the sand from the factories near my stating that were being moved around by the strong spring winds, but it seems that the storm affected all of kantou (the central region of Japan, around Tokyo). Here is an […]

So Cold…

This year winter came very suddenly in Japan. Or maybe I spent too much time during autumn travelling to warmer locations. Nevertheless, Tsukuba is freezing right now. The temperature for today was 2-12 degrees, and the forecast for the rest of the week is no temperatures above 10 degrees. Brrrrr. I usually like the cold, […]

Algeria and stuff

In about 1 hour from now I’ll be leaving for Algeria for a week. Goal: to make a kickass presentation about Tsukuba University to two universities there. This is the nice part of working with the University’s internationalization program: I get to go to very different places I would have never thought of going otherwise. […]

Game Making Classes

Last week was really crazy: I gave classes on Game Making for high schoolers from the american military bases in Japan. This was a program between the bases’ administration and Tsukuba University. 70+ kids came to Tsukuba, where they divided into groups of 7 or so. Each group went to a different laboratory (medicine, biology, […]

China Riot Stories

The big news in the east of the mercator projection are the chinese anti-japan riots. This blog post has a nice recap and links about it: The blog also talks about how the riots affected one japanese mother living in China. In addition to that story, two people that I know have also been […]

Gossiping and Politics

So today was my first day working back at the university of Tsukuba. Everyone was commenting on how “I had been away for 1 month”, and if I had “enjoyed my long vacations”… This kinda sucks, because I’ve been to Brazil for only 20 days, and only 10 of those were actual vacations. The first […]

Back to Japan

After three weeks of work/travelling/visiting friends/sometimes vacation, I’m finally back to Japan, with a huge backlog of stuff to do. In the plane, I saw “space brothers”, a japanese movie about a brother following the footsteps of the other to become an astronaut. It was a ok movie, but it got me thinking two things: […]

Daggers and Japan

Yesterday I was at a wonderful medieval themed wedding party. Most of the guests came with some sort of medieval costume, song and location were appropriate, and everything was overall awesome. I even got, as a gift, a very cool looking dagger. And herein lies the problem. Bringing white weapons to Japan (even of the […]

And some people say Twitter is not useful…

There was a small earthquake jolt today — it was centered in Tokyo and felt strongly there. Instantly I got messages from some tokyoite reporters that I follow. Among those, was the english version of the Japanese Meteorologial Agency’s Earthquake info site: I know many versions of the above site in Japanese, but I […]