Maker Faire

Last week I went to the Maker Faire at Odaiba, Tokyo From what I could see, In most of the stands people were presenting their hand-crafted electronics. Half of the presenters were showing some sort of robot (My favorite was the guy with the “hand extender” – a phone would film your hand, and the […]

Ludum Dare 39

A few weeks ago, I did a pretty neat game on Ludum Dare! The game is called “Shy Gladiator”, and can be played here. The theme this time was “Running out of Energy”. As usual, I tried to find a unique interpretation for the theme. Most of the other entrants used the idea that the […]

Tokyo Game Show 2016

I went to Tokyo Game Show 2016 today. It was a near thing — I was feeling a bit down in the dumps in the morning, but I had a promise to keep, to meet Alex Rose who was showing Rude Bear in the Indie Corner. When I got there, I first walked through the […]

Geolocation for Desktop

In my recently finished Ludum Dare Game, the level that you play is determined by your geolocation. In other words, as you walk around the world, the game presents you with sligthly different levels. Calculating an user’s location was reasonably straightforward on Android, but I had no idea how to implement it on the Desktop. […]

One Game a Month: START!

OneGameAMonth is a social/gamification website to encourage people to make games. It was made by @McFunkyPants, and I feel it is kind of a spin-off to the Ludum Dare game Jam, as a support hub to help game makers take that next step into the hobby. I was “pressured” by @MyMilkedEek, my good game making […]

Dark Gaming

Today I was catching up on the “Extra Credits” video series, and I saw two things that really made me go “WTF!” about gaming. Extra Credits is a really neat show about game design. Sometimes they go way off the mark (do yourself a favor and skip their episodes on religion), but in general it […]

Game Making Classes

Last week was really crazy: I gave classes on Game Making for high schoolers from the american military bases in Japan. This was a program between the bases’ administration and Tsukuba University. 70+ kids came to Tsukuba, where they divided into groups of 7 or so. Each group went to a different laboratory (medicine, biology, […]


Yesterday I bought the new indie game, Faster Than Light ( This is an indie title, developed by only two people and funded throught kickstarter. The game is described as a “roguelike in space”. You control a spaceship tasked with taking an important message across the galaxy, while the rebel fleet is hot on your […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Last friday I went to the Karaoke with some friends. The machine at the room we were in was pretty unresponsible: you had to try a few times for it to accept your songs, and it wouldn’t show a list of upcoming music, but other than that it was quite fun. After the Karaoke, I […]