Maker Faire

Last week I went to the Maker Faire at Odaiba, Tokyo From what I could see, In most of the stands people were presenting their hand-crafted electronics. Half of the presenters were showing some sort of robot (My favorite was the guy with the “hand extender” – a phone would film your hand, and the […]

Wonderful New World

Today I had a bit of a nostalgia-fest on twitter, as people were talking about Ultima games of old. A friend of mine added that she wanted to add an NPC playing “Stones” in the game, and quickly got a reply from none other than Iolo himself! @HighlandArrow @caranha Stones always does it for me. […]

One Game a Month: START!

OneGameAMonth is a social/gamification website to encourage people to make games. It was made by @McFunkyPants, and I feel it is kind of a spin-off to the Ludum Dare game Jam, as a support hub to help game makers take that next step into the hobby. I was “pressured” by @MyMilkedEek, my good game making […]

Ludum Dare 26!

It is that time of the year again. Every April, August and December, the Ludum Dare Game Jam takes place over the internet. The goal of the Ludum Dare Jam is to make a computer game, from scratch, in 48 hours. This means imagining the game, writing the code, drawing the graphics, making the sounds, […]

OpenVPN troubles.

The SMTP (send mail) server for the Tsukuba University CS department can only be accessed from whith the university. With the fair amount of travelling I do while working (or even when working from home), I need some way to log in and send my e-mails whenever necessary. One “simple” way to do that is […]

Source Code in Beamer

While preparing a lecture today, I ran across the necessity of writing source code in a beamer presentation. Some searching brought me to this stackexchange question, that answered my question quite swiftly: you use the “verbatim” environment, but you also need to add the [fragile] option to the frame. Why is that? This blog post […]

Game Making Classes

Last week was really crazy: I gave classes on Game Making for high schoolers from the american military bases in Japan. This was a program between the bases’ administration and Tsukuba University. 70+ kids came to Tsukuba, where they divided into groups of 7 or so. Each group went to a different laboratory (medicine, biology, […]


Yesterday I bought the new indie game, Faster Than Light ( This is an indie title, developed by only two people and funded throught kickstarter. The game is described as a “roguelike in space”. You control a spaceship tasked with taking an important message across the galaxy, while the rebel fleet is hot on your […]

Daggers and Japan

Yesterday I was at a wonderful medieval themed wedding party. Most of the guests came with some sort of medieval costume, song and location were appropriate, and everything was overall awesome. I even got, as a gift, a very cool looking dagger. And herein lies the problem. Bringing white weapons to Japan (even of the […]