Late night

Procastination will be the death of me. I had a short to-do list tonight, a little spill from work. Answer a short e-mail here. Calculate some statistical tests there. Syncronize my netbook with my work computer -- by all means this should have taken an hour, most. but it is 1:00 AM now and I have finally finished everything I should have done. Because of this, I did not manage to clear the one non-work related item in my list: prepare my work environment for Ludum Dare 30... That is not done yet. My friend MME suggested that I try IntelliJ for my dev environment this time around, since last time I was having troubles with Eclipse. Installation and an initial run went out without a hitch, but now I need to try and see if I can setup a libGDX project in it, and deploy it to android easily (besides setting up the GitHub connection). Well... I guess I'll have time for that tomorrow! Time to finish cleaning the dishes and go to sleep. 2:00 AM already! O.o

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