Copyright Sucks

Today I saw this amazing story on twitter about a report that google had flagged a file in google drive as “containing copyright infrigement”. The catch? The file only contained a single “1” in it.

Screenshot of the tweet reporting the original problem

Abuses of automatic copyright detection are not rare (specially on youtube), but this reached new heights of stupidity. Someone in a thread on hackernews tried creating files with single numbers randomly sampled between -1000 and 1000, and found that several of the numbers triggered the automated response.

Image of Muppet Count Dracula
But who would set a copyright bot to check for the number one? The internet has an answer.

For me, what this story highlights is the power imbalance on the internet. A person publishes one copyrighted file or video, by mistake, and they could have their data seized and/or deleted from various services, without redress or resource, quite possibly causing a lot of damage to them. On the other hand, corporations like google regularly make stupid mistakes like these, and nothing happens to them. This makes me so tired.

Tweet by Nina da Houra about Google Drive alternatives
By the way, here is a thread about google drive alternatives.

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