90’s Internet Nostalgia

Recently there has been a small subculture about reviving the 90ies style of the web, specially in places such as “neocities” (a geocities revival project). Today I learned about the glorious CASTLE CYBERSKULL, which takes this idea and runs with it:

The above picture does not do justice to the GIF-crazy glory of CASTLE CYBERSKULL. Do take 5 minutes to visit this gem.

To be honest, back in the 90ies I kinda hated this aesthetic. My own website back then was an ugly affair with solid mint background and black letters and that was about it. But now the whole thing is nostalgic, and reminds me of simpler times.

By the way, the links section of CASTLE CYBERSKULL has a fantastic link to a page that loads random Youtube videos of 90ies hits. You can tell I spent a good part of my evening today surfing the nostalgia here.

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