Happy New 2023!

I spent the morning of January 1st working on this little animation. It uses all the things that I have learned in the past week while following LoveByte’s demoscene tutorial. Here is some of my work during the tutorial, maybe you can see where I took a trick or two?

2022 was not a great year. Not terrible, not great. Well, maybe a little bit bad. It felt like an year of missed opportunities and wasted work. By the end of the year I felt I could have done so much better. I guess one big example is my naturalization process, which is still paralyzed, due to extreme bouts of procrastination. I did try to improve myself, but without a lot of success.

There were also nice beginnings. I joined the Fediverse in April, which was quite fun. I went to an international conference in December, which was awesome. I played some nice games. But when I try to remember what happened, I can only feel a sense of fog in my head.

So I guess my goal for this year is to battle this brain fog. To try and be more careful about the things that I do, to think about them, to reflect and write them down. And in the meanwhile, to try to figure out what is really important and focus on that.

And if all that fails, I can just fall back to try and write more cool pico8 carts.

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