Making a Mega-Dungeon, a room a day.

At the beginning of this year, someone over at Mastodon suggested a challenge where you write one Dungeon Room each day, and at the end of the year end up with a 365-room Mega-Dungeon. (Does anyone have the link to the original post?)

At the time, I thought it was a really neat idea, but was busy with other things (I don’t even quite remember what… maybe Ludum Dare?). I followed some initial posts, and then I eventually forgot about it.

That said, the idea was still shaking around at the back of my head, and the new academic year beginning in April gave me the excuse I needed to give it a try. So I bought an year planner at the local bookstore (unfortunately, I couldn’t find one with a nice grid), and started writing the dungeon this week. Well, to be honest, I began on Thursday, so I wrote the first four days all at once then.

The rules are simple: (1) Each day, I draw a dungeon room and write the room description on the planner. (2) Each week corresponds to one dungeon floor or area. (3) I try not to think about the next areas or rooms too much in advance. (4) On each area, I write a random monster table, and brief descriptions of the monsters.

I am using Labyrinth Lord like for the monsters in this first week, although I probably need to re-read the book to remind myself about magic items and rules. I am a bit concerned about the place feeling a bit disjointed or boring, but I’ll try not to worry about it too much for the moment.

Here is a quick preview of what expects the adventurers in the first area:

A drawing of two RPG adventurers in a dungeon, being attacked by giant ants. One of them is standing, wearing armor and wielding a weapon. The other is laying on the ground, covered in ants.
(Found on an image search, author unknown. Probably some D&D supplement)

I hope this works. I have been looking for some sort of writing habit to work on every night, and gratitude journals weren’t quite cutting it. If I can turn this into an actual adventure in the future, even better!

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