A Link To The Past 2

Felipe was playing a zelda game in his 3DS, and while watching him play, I had this nagging deja-vu like feeing:

– That map you’re playing, It reminds me a lot of LttP.

– Yes! It is because this is Link to the past 2!

I knew that nintendo had released a new Zelda, but I didnt realize it was the continuation of one of my childhood’s favorite games (and my first SNES title). I guess I know what is next in my to-play list.

Talking about to-play games, the latest Humble Bundle has a suberb collection. To The Moon was a fantastic game. The story is really interesting, and should make you stop and reflect about your own life. Some people complain that this game has too little “game” in it, but in my opinion, maybe it has too much. Or too put in a better way, the few game-like elements were a bit disconnected from the narrative, which felt distracting sometimes. But overall it was worth it.

I wonder if I would change my memories before death. I feel more like I would just like to let someone else experience them – a bit “speaker for the dead” style.

Also the bundle has Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Reus, two fun games. The others I havent played yet.

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