Comic Sans Criminal

The Facebook winds bring me this link: “My Parents Open Carry”, on Amazon. I am not sure about the message in the book, but when the entire thing is typeset in Comic Sans, you know something is wrong :3

Today was a rough day — I decided to spend the day in my office to work on a problem I was having on a simulator hosted there, and instead spent most of the day procastinating on the net :-( baah. At least I managed to clear out most of my “documents to write” list. Still plenty to do, though.

At night, RPG time. I am GM’ing a game of Numenera, a sci-fi-ish fantasy game. I got a very good idea for the current campaign arc, but procastination + moving means that I have spent very little time preparing. I am excited about the general ideas I want to implement in the story, but not motivated at all to work on the details :-(

This weekend is Ludum Dare. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also dreading a bit, since I have not touched libGDX since the last LD…


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