Cute kittens

I’ve recently finished The Martian in record time. It was a very fine book.

A large part of the book is narrated in “Blog” format from the protagonist, which made me think of my own semi-abandoned blog. How many of my passing thoughts have been lost to the void? Maybe it is better this way for most of them… on the other hand, you never know when your passing thought is another’s person inspiration. I should know that — silly afterthoughts that I left on the internet have led, at least three times, to variations in my own story.

Today I finished one of my grant application projects for this year. That took me the entire weekend of straight writing, plus an unaccounted amount of time gathering materials and my thoughts in place (that is a very nice way to spell procastination). I sent the application to some professors for feed back.

I was planning to start working on the other application tonight at home, but I just couldn’t get anything done. So tomorrow I need to start working on project number two, and on this week’s class, but I will probably get sucked into finishing my admnistrative tasks…

At least, I found two super cute cat gifs on reddit:

Cute Kitten 1
Cute Kitten 2

I also found this guy exploring my desk when I got home:

Jack Kerman

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