A bizarre dream

Today I had one of the most bizarre dreams that I have had in a while. So bizarre that it prompted me to use my dusty dream diary again after a long while.

The part of the dream I remember starts with me sending a flirty message to a guy I follow on twitter. This prompt him to send me multiple “send nudes” messages, which creep out dream-me. You reap what you sow, I guess.

But it gets worse: I flee from twitter into this suburban town, and no one is on the streets, because of zombies roaming about. I see an old lady inside a house, and I am now talking to her. She tells me she will show me her house, but the dwarf who is following me (!) says that we should check the basement instead.

The old lady agrees, and we are walking through a poorly lit dungeon, where she says she keeps he mithril weapons (!!). She shows us a dagger, and I notice that it looks a bit like bone. As I handle the dagger, it starts to look like a skull, and moves! The lady says that the mithril daggers use zombie bone dust in their making, and I comment that this is a security risk, the zombies could come back through the zombie-infused weapons!

The last thing I remember before waking up is me in the front steps of a large building, as a group of people run through the streets. As I wake up, I curse the old lady whose carelessness released zombies from her weapon cache into the town.


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