My Game Computer Broke

My gaming computer broke just before Steam’s Summer sale. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I arrived home that Summer Friday, thinking about what games I would like to add to my backlog, and the computer didn’t turn up. No beep, nothing. Dead. It was a long summer…

This computer was my first major purchase since I arrived in Tsukuba. I had received my first salary, ever, and walked into the PC Depot at Kenkyu Gakuen. I wanted something to last, so I pushed up all the stats beyond what was acceptable at the time. I could run XCOM and Starcraft 2 at the highest settings wow!

That was six years ago, so all in all the computer lasted a very decent time. I upgraded the GPU last year to be able to run XCOM2, but other than that I never had any problem with the specs. I wonder what was the problem — I hope it was only the power source, and not the motherboard or the CPU, although I probably should change those too.

Anyway, my blog is back. Yay!

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