Taiwan Trip Thoughts

This week (24 thru 28) I’ve been to Kaohsiung in Taiwan for some Rest and Recuperating. Some thoughts off the top of my head about the trip:

  • It was really good to unplug. I did no gaming, youtubing or redditing, and minimal twittering during these days. My brain feels rebooted and resetted.
  • I also had no coffee the entire week. My last and first cups were in the airplane.
  • I was really impressed that every train station had great wifi. It was very useful to download last minute travel info.
  • I used the iPass electronic money card for all the public transportation, and it had an obscure system where from time to time it would not charge us any money. I still haven’t figured out how it worked, but I was glad for it!
  • We used taxis two times, and both times the taxi drivers scammed us. But other than that, the trip was hassle free.
  • My feed got destroyed after two days of heavy walking. I was hoping to last more than that… :-(
  • Chinese temples are so over the top with decorations, with hundreds of dolls in hundreds of positions everywhere. I wonder
    if they are built all at once, or evolve over time.

  • Air China’s economy class chairs were really comfortable, but the movie selection was poor. I slept my way in, read a book my way out.
  • In the event “buddha meets the gods”, one of the caravans visiting the temple was playing the mickey mouse club song. Did Disney finally bought their way into godhood?
  • There is probably much more to say about the trip, but if I try to write everything I will never post this, so there!

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