Thinking on Paper

A very important habit that I think students should captivate is “thinking on paper”. Specially when studying, but also when planning or problem solving, we have to spend quite some effort thinking. However, our brains are dirty tricksters, and will easily lead us away from whatever we are thinking down to daydreams, digressions, and other such distractions. Enters “Thinking on Paper”. By taking down notes of what you are thinking, you create physical handholds/stepping stones that will help you concentrate on the current task, or bring back your mind from the daydreaming land.

It is important to note that, for the goal of helping you concentrate, the notes you write down while thinking on paper do not need to be extensive or detailed — write down too much detail, and you will end up concentrating more on the writing itself than on the thinking.

“Writing? Yeah.” from Caleb Roenigk. Original at:, (CC BY 2.0)

PS: If you plan to put CC BY content on the internet, it would be terribly nice to write how you would like to be attributed!

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