Sunday Links

In the past two weeks, I have been trying to chip at the huge pile of links I have in my Pocket and Twitter accounts. Here are some cool links I cleared up this Sunday:

  • NN-SVG: This is a javascript program to create SVG visualization for traditional neural networks, such as FCNs and ConvNets. This should be useful the next time a student needs to do a report on some work using NNs.
  • Journal of Open Source Software: The software on the link above was introduced in this Journal, which seems specialized on introducing new software packages. The idea is to provide a way to cite new software tools without having to write an entire paper for it, which is really useful for academic software. One interesting thing about this journal is that in its “about” page it lists the full breakdown of the costs involved in running the Journal. It would be really cool if more academic journals did this.
  • Article on Claude Shannon on IEEE spectrum: Claude Shannon is usually known by his work on Information Theory. In this nice piece, Rodney Brooks reminds us that he also invented Logic Gates, and was one of the early people to conceptualize how a computer could be made to play chess, and how machine learning could work.
  • Whirlwind Tour of Python: This short online book (took me about 2 hours to read), goes through all the basic structures of the python language, in a guide towards people who know some programming, but is not familiar with python. Could be useful as a reference for my programming intro classes, or as material for new students who already know Java or C*. Also, I did not know about the loop-else statement. So wild!

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