“If Not Us” — the different ways to tell an interactive story

"If Not Us" title screen

Recently I started participating in a monthly “Games Club” with some friends. We choose a game to play (usually an indie IF), and get together to discuss the game later.

The game we chose for this month is “If Not Us”. “If Not Us” tells the story of five people who got together to save the world — except, that the story is told by each of them after their quest is done.

The game is divided in 5 chapters, one for each chapter, and each chapter is told in a completely different style — a chapter is told as a letter being written, while another is told as a diary that slowly reveals itself. The many different ways that the same story is told is the strong part of the game. The game can be a bit confusing (specially if you choose the goat girl chapter first), but since it is very short (around 2.5 hours at a leisure pace), you can just go through all the chapters until the pieces start falling into place.

The game also comes with a “Making of” PDF which is short, and I really recommending reading after you are done with the stories themselves.

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