Loose Thoughts Like Loose Change

These days I have been reading the University Newspaper as a way to practice my Japanese. The front page news was that the university released “University Bonds” to finance itself. So that is a thing.

I wonder if that is a good thing. I think people buying university bonds means that they trust the university will be around for a long time, and that money entering the university is a good thing. However, the newspaper article says that people who buy the bonds are entitled a share of the profits from the university, and an university trying to generate profits sounds like a very bad thing.

In the international student fair yesterday, one of the students asked if we experienced discrimination in Japan. While the answer is obviously yes, I think there is space to think and talk more about that. How do we deal with that discrimination, and what we learn from it, is just as important. Maybe I will write about that some day in the future.

I’m thinking about live streaming my late night gaming sessions. I wonder if that would help me control my gaming time as well as maybe making it a bit more fun? Nothing serious though.

AIWolf was accepted as a IEEE-COG competition! While this is something super nice, it is also extra work (whew). Well, it will be extra work for next week Claus, I guess :-P.

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