Na na na na na na na …

You might have seen the “Japanese Batman” floating around the internet recently. A guy dressed as batman, on a batman themed trike(?) has been seen in Japanese highways by many people, and pictures like these have been floating around:

Author unknown
Author unknown

Reddit recently linked to an interview that this guy gave to a Japanese TV program.

After watching the interview, I became a fan. The guy is a 40-something that works repairing containers in Chiba’s port. His hobby is “making” things, such as the bat-bike and his costume. He has been driving around as batman for 3 years, and his goal is “to make people laugh”. I find it pretty amazing. I love it when people dedicate themselves to their hobbies, and I think this guy is pretty cool for being proud of what he does.

Ganbare, Chibatman!

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