Game Report!

Today was my first D&D 5th edition game! We decided to play this last week, after a botched numenera adventure. I bought the new Player’s handbook, and was, honestly, pumped about it.

Two of our regular players were missing today. Add that to the new system we had to learn, and I decided to prepare a really simple, short game to get everyone comfortable — including the Game Master. A local noble had his Jewels stolen, and asked the players to get it back to them. I drew inspiration from this image:

Original from Skycam on Deviantart

The group had three players: A dragonborn paladin of Torm, a human cleric of Ilmater, and a tiefling warlock. We spent almost one and a half hours creating the characters – some of the delay was because character creation has a surprising amount of crossreferencing necessary: background and class choices influence in equipment, so you have to go back and forth among three chapters to take into everything. But I assume that if one is more acquainted to the system, this can go pretty quickly. After building the characters, though, combat and social encounters went much more smoothly.

If anyone is reading this ;-) let me know if you want a more detailed game report.

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