Some cool links!

Found some very cool stuff on the internet recently:

“If the Moon were Only one Pixel”. This is a map of the solar system – to scale! To paraphrase the website itself: “the problem with a scale map of the solar system, is that there is a lot of empty space. To fill the void, the site starts with some witty remarks, but eventually changes into some pretty interesting insight about the place of humans in the universe. After scrolling around for a while, click on the small “C” button in the bottom right corner to set the scroll speed to the speed of light — prepare to be surprised!

If you enjoy this map, you might also enjoy Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcast, “Startalk”.

All of Minecraft: Pre 0.0.9a to 1.8: Minecraft has recently released its newest major version: 1.8. To celebrate it, one user has created a video that shows all the new features that were added since the early alpha versions, back in 2010. It is worth a watch to see how far the game has come.

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