Burning Blood, and passion for making things.

This weekend, I went to a live house in Roppongi to see “Burning Blood” play. BB is a cover band composed by Ayako’s friends.

Burning Blood!

If you ask me what songs they played, I kinda remember one which I think was called “bad medicine”. I suck at music. But I loved the performance. I suck at music.

Back in undergrad, I would often go to theater and a capella live performances. When I worked in Rio de Janeiro, my supervisor invited me almost every month to a local Jazz show. My favorite games nowadays are indie titles.

There is something about watching live performances that fills me with energy. When I was at that rock show last weekend, I couldn’t recognize any of the songs, but a flood of ideas would come to my head as I watched these people play. I felt like I wanted to sit down there and then, and start making games.

I feel very guilty saying that by the time I got home, that fire had died down to an ember. I need to make a bigger effort…

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