Bad weekend

I have two papers that I am preparing for the CEC2015 conference. The deadline is on the 18th (two weeks from now). While (most of) the experiments are all done, the writing of the papers is pretty much in the beginning.

Because of my current “publish or perish” situation, I decided that this weekend I would finally forego my first Ludum Dare . I have participated in every LD since LD23, but I couldn’t really find the energy to do this one, and I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I should be writing my papers instead.

In the end, though, I did neither. I did not join LD, and I didn’t do any significant progress with paper writing. And I was left feeling terrible about it. To make up a tiny bit for it, I managed to at least cobble together an outline for one of the papers, and I updated my blog.

Keep trucking on.

One thought on “Bad weekend

  1. O Ludum Dare vai estranhar a tua ausência, mas para o ano há mais. Boa sorte com os artigos. Abraço.

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