Recurring characters

Every morning I meet the talky guy. He is a young man who talks to himself while riding on the train. Sometimes he sings. Today he asked a lady with a baby to remove a string from his shoe. Unfortunately, she did not have a scissors, but she was nice to him.

Sometimes I also meet two girl pals. They must be in Junior High. They are almost never in school uniform, but always talking about school. They meet at an intermediate station and ride the rest of the line together. Last time I met them they were discussing their English tests.

The last NPC I always meet is the english toddler. She is a cute kid who always talks to her dad in English. As far as I can tell, her father is Japanese, but of course I have no way of knowing for sure. One day a friend of hers got in the train as well.

Two things come to my mind about these characters.

On one hand, it is surprising that after riding every day on this line at the same time every day, these are the only people thatt I can clearly recognize. I should spend less time on the cellphone.

I also remember how I sometimes feel like an NPC tomy students, and I wonder how do they observe me as an NPC. I also think about how my perception of the characters above differs from their everyday perceptions of themselves. Empathy is really really important.

Finally, I wonder if blogging on the train can become a thing for me.

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