Mental fat, part 2

When i was in high school, I remember a weekend when I solved 300 physics problems to study for the university entrance examination. In the first presentation of my master degree, I had a thick stack of papers that I had referenced in a few weeks in order to prepare for it.

Somehow, I feel like I cant find this flame anymore. I try to tackle project upon project, each more interesting than the previous ones. Earthquakes, cancer, geology, game making. All of this has passed, is passing through my desk, and I am feeling to sluggish to tackle any of these. I feel like Im hiding behind a huge pile and of tasks, and using this tasklist as an excuse to suck at everything.

Today I found this extremely cool blog from a guy who is doing a dozen of programming projects at the same time, and it made me feel extremely inadequate. I am not putting in the effort, and it is starting to show.

Realizing all of this this morning, I promised myself that, starting now, things would change. I would start putting the effort. I managed to break that promise within 2 hours. Must be some sort of world record.

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