Re: Celebrating Tiny Milestones

Oh look, another wonderful post by Julia Evans, this time about “Celebrate tiny learning milestones”. In this post she explains how she thinks about her learning process as a series of tiny challenges, where learning happens one little discovery at a time. I think this is a really wonderful way to think about discovery. In […]

Tiny Projects for Learning Programming

Julian Evans wrote a wonderful blog post about tiny programming projects. They are things like scrapping the webpage of a festival to make a calendar, or generating crossword from text files. I too love writing these little, single use programs. I think this is why I like teaching intro to programming and doing programming contests […]

The Memex Method

In the age of huge content curators (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon) what good is blogging anymore? Today I read this great column by Cory Doctorow, where he describes how blogging has helped his writing career. In the post, he also makes an analogy that really reverberated with me: the word “blogging”, originally a portmanteau of […]