Lata Velha Discord Bot

I’ve recently spent some time writing a simple discord bot, which I call “Lata Velha”. The bot was inspired by a discord server where, in the “random” channel, a bot would serve drinks to users (usually tea) and respond to “good day/good night”. I wanted to reproduce that in my own personal server. I know […]

Master Thesis Defense, 2022

This week we had the Master Thesis defense, for students graduating in the CS program at the University of Tsukuba. There are about 140 defenses total, and I was invited to be a member of the committee for 8 of those. While I was reading the theses in preparation, I got curious about which professors […]

Virtual Backgrounds

In 2020 I played “The Longing”, and the game made such an impression on me that I made a Virtual Background out of it, which I used for most of the year. Thinking about games that made an impression on me, today I decided to make a new virtual background based on “Ultima 3 (NES […]