AI Responsibility

TL;DR: We should not compare the abilities of AI with the abilities of Humans, because computers can’t take responsibility for their actions. Every AI system should have a clear name behind it. Recently I have been starting to think that I’m too grumpy about AI/ML research. Sometimes it feels that every technology news fills me […]

My turn being a reviewer for GECCO

One silly thing that has always bugged me is that since I began participating in GECCO, back in 2008, I had never been invited as a reviewer. This is kind of a “first-world-problem”, because in general reviewing papers is a hard job with few rewards. In particular, conference review is extra thankless, since there is […]

Citing games, citing code

I’ve recently read “The Game I Mean: Game Reference, Citation and Authoritative Access”, by Kaltman, Mason, and Wardrip-Fruin. This paper discusses current and best practices for citing games in scientific articles. Although the paper is laser focused on the citation of digital games (and quite interesting in that regard!) It made me thing a lot […]