Things I’ve made

I believe one of the happiest a person can be, is when this person makes something new, and unleash it upon the world.

From time to time I make things: Usually small pieces of software.

Computer Games!

Since 2011 I have engaged in simple gamedev projects, using Java, Slick2D and, later, libGDX. These games were generally made in the context of Ludum Dare. All of these games work in any desktop PC (linux, windows, mac). Some of them work on Android too.

See all my games here!


In 2003 I made a megaman-based skin for “Xpenguins”. Xpenguins is a program that create simple moving “mascots” for linux desktop.

NOTE: It seems that xpenguins does not work so nice with modern KDE anymore :-(. It compiles, but won’t render on the desktop, and if you force it to use the desktop main window, the redrawing is screwed up. If I find a workaround, I’ll be sure to post it here.

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