Media review powered by Travel

Where I review some of the media that I saw/read during my travels in the last two weeks: The Billion Dolar Code; I’m a spider, so what; That time I turned into a slime; Amazing Attorney Woo; Everything, Everywhere, All at Once; Atlas of AI. It was a pretty good haul!

Be better everyday

Last night I saw Penguin Highway. The movie gave me a lot to think about. I. Be better everyday The movie opens with a montage of the main character Aoyama studying and writing in his diary, explaining his philosophy of “becoming a little better every day”. Aoyama wonders how great of an adult he can […]

Film Critic Hulk Discusses Evangelion

Film critic hulk, one of my favorite writers on pop culture and feelings, recently published a long article doing a deep dive on the themes and symbolism in Evangelion. Evangelion was one of the first animes I’ve seen, long before I even though I could ever come to live in Japan. I’ve seen it […]