Making a RSS feed by hand

RSSs are cool. They allow people to follow webpages. They don’t get stuck in spam filters. They give people power over the web. I wanted to create a RSS feed for the Alife newsletter. The Alife newsletter is built from hand-made python scripts that parse multiple markdown files, so I had to learn how to […]

Orb Farm, an Alife aquarium.

Today I spent a lot of time playing with Orb Farm, a program that simulates the ecosystem of an aquarium, with plants, algae, plankton, bacteria and fish. It is quite fun, and can generate some very beautiful scenes, with little input necessary from the user. The user places all the aquarium components (sand, algae, fish, […]

AI Woof

Today I started seriously working on the AI Wolf project, which got funded by the University for January and February. The basic client code is much simpler than I thought at first, although the documentation (specially in English) is seriously lacking. I should put in the effort to prepare some sample code and a tutorial […]