Social Meetings and New Ideas

This Sunday I heard in a podcast a researcher telling the story of how they started a research institute from a meeting with friends over Pizza. That got me thinking how we (and by “we”, I mean “I”, but I suspect that I’m not alone in this), how we have less social meetings these days, […]

Weak Points

Today I went to the Vietnamese embassy to get a visa for the upcoming ICPC contest. On my way there, I fell and caught myself quickly enough with my arms. However, my left arm is still hurting. This is not the first time that a relatively minor thing makes me lose my breath or hurt […]


This past two weekends I took some university students for programming contests in Japan and Taiwan. After two heavy weekends, the first thing they were doing once they were back in the train back home was to check the upcoming local contests. I have always prided myself on having a wide variety of hobbies and […]

Up until now.

I had a memorable incident when I was doing my first master degree, back in Brazil. I had just returned from my first one year trip to Japan. I had lost the thread of my masters work, and was way behind schedule. Because I had nothing to show for my one year exchange, I was […]