A little over my head

This was the end of my first week in Tsukuba University, and I am feeling waaaaay tired.

There is just too much going on. My ex-supervisor in Brasil is contacting me with research results to analyze, my former japanese advisor wants me to make a presentation at his lab, my current professor wants me to draw out ideas for the G30 program, I have to study for my intensive courses, prepare for the morocco trip, I still have all sorts of forms to fill, I have to ready my business cards, academic web page, experimental environment, find a new home.

Days are just flying by. While I havent really had the time to walk about Tsukuba, I am trying to at least get home at a reasonable time and get some decent rest. Also, this week I returned to the age-old kanda RPG group, just in time to start playing RPG again. It was good to have some of my old routine back, even though some bits here and there have changed. I was specially impressed by O-san, the clerk of the RPG shop we play in, who seemed really happy to see me again – that caught me a bit by surprise.

Now, time to read a bit more Sherlock Holmes before heading to my bed, and then getting ready for more grinding tomorrow!

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