The Girl who watched the stars

I heard this cool “ghost story” from a friend this weekend at a party. I’m not sure if this story is specific to Tsukuba University, or if it is a general Japanese University story. I took some liberties on the translation — so blame me for any awkwardness on the storytelling:

When I started going to college, the dormitory I lived in had showers in a separate building. Once, when going to take a shower after a particularly tiring day, I noticed how beautiful the starry sky was that night. While gazing at the stars, I noticed that a cute girl was also looking at the sky, from the window of her room. She had long hair, and a very simple face. After I took my bath, the girl was still there. Her gaze looked kinda sad.

The following night, when I went to the shower building, I saw that girl on the window again. I tried waving at her to see if she would notice me, but got no response. She just stayed there, watching the stars.

On the third night, I decided I really wanted to talk to her. So that night I went up her dorm building, and knocked at her door. No one answered. I don’t know what came over me at that time, but I tried the handle at her door, and it was unlocked.

As I pushed open the door to her room, I finally saw the stargazing girl on person. There she was, hanging from a rope tied to her neck, her gaze eternally fixed to the stars.

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