And some people say Twitter is not useful…

There was a small earthquake jolt today — it was centered in Tokyo and felt strongly there. Instantly I got messages from some tokyoite reporters that I follow. Among those, was the english version of the Japanese Meteorologial Agency’s Earthquake info site:

I know many versions of the above site in Japanese, but I never knew about an English version. Might be useful for some people, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “And some people say Twitter is not useful…

  1. If twitter wasn’t useful, authoritarian governments wouldn’t ban it.

    It is what you use it for, if you follow a bunch of mid-grade celebs, you probably won’t be getting much content out of it. If you follow trending topics, your friends, and reliable news sources, it’s fantastic.

  2. Also, you need to be completely ruthless when adding friends: Friends who treat twitter as if it were facebook get the axe quickly.

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