Back to Japan

After three weeks of work/travelling/visiting friends/sometimes vacation, I’m finally back to Japan, with a huge backlog of stuff to do.

In the plane, I saw “space brothers”, a japanese movie about a brother following the footsteps of the other to become an astronaut. It was a ok movie, but it got me thinking two things:

1 – It seems to me that a large part of japanese blockbusters is about people working their asses off to fulfill their dreams, as opposed to people kicking asses.

2 – It made me wonder how video on demand licensing works for airplanes. And also all the in flight entertainment system design, for that matter.

On a sadder note, my Tokyo puzzle made it in one piece through the 30 hour plane trip, just to break in the 2 hour narita tsukuba bus trip. Should have listened to the driver, who suggested me to keep it with me.

No use crying over spilled glass.

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