Yesterday I bought the new indie game, Faster Than Light ( This is an indie title, developed by only two people and funded throught kickstarter. The game is described as a “roguelike in space”. You control a spaceship tasked with taking an important message across the galaxy, while the rebel fleet is hot on your heels. The control is not direct, you send your crewmembers to operate different parts of the ship, repair damage, and fight boarders. Or board other ships. The game plays system by system: you arrive at a system, deal with whatever event there, possibly a ship combat, and decide which system to go next. If you go straight to your goal, you will be under equipped. But if you explore too much, the deadly rebel fleet will catch up with you. As a roguelike, this game stands out for its difficulty, randomness, and the fact that if you die, you have to begin from zero. But like dwarf fortress, losing is fun! Specially when the game only take about 3 hours start to finish.

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