Recently, I’ve got myself a new mascot for work:

Kittens in my desktop!
Kittens in my desktop!

It is a live feed of a litter of kittens. I don’t remember where I found this address originally – I think it might have been reddit. I have the pop-up video in this tiny window, locked above everything else in my desktop :-). It is great to see them play while working. The internet is wonderful!

The kittens are Laika, the mother, and Valentina, Yuri, Boris and Pavel, born just three weeks ago. The mother was abandoned while pregnant, a lady found it and send her to this guy that fosters abandoned kittens. You may learn all the details in the videofeed’s webpage and FAQ, listed below.

I really miss having my own cats… If I manage to guarantee a long-term working situation in Japan, I might look into raising a litter again.

Link to the Kitten Cam

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