One Game a Month: START!

OneGameAMonth is a social/gamification website to encourage people to make games. It was made by @McFunkyPants, and I feel it is kind of a spin-off to the Ludum Dare game Jam, as a support hub to help game makers take that next step into the hobby.

I was “pressured” by @MyMilkedEek, my good game making partner, into joining this initiative. OneGameAMonth might help me get my game programming projects out of my “TODO” stack. I have a bunch of little gaming projects, and forcing them into 1-month deadlines might be just the thing that I needed. Out of the top of my head:

  • Make a Post-compo (cleaned up) version of “The Fair King”
  • Make an android version of “Nampac”
  • Create my “Space Debris” crafting shooter idea
  • Make more games!

To warm myself up, today I cleaned up a bunch of simple bugs in The Fair King. Next I need to tackle the problems with the input. I hope that I will have time to do a bit of it this Sunday, but I also have a lot of work-related things to address… The more stuff you have to do, the more you get done, I guess! :-D

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