Social Meetings and New Ideas

This Sunday I heard in a podcast a researcher telling the story of how they started a research institute from a meeting with friends over Pizza. That got me thinking how we (and by “we”, I mean “I”, but I suspect that I’m not alone in this), how we have less social meetings these days, […]

Be better everyday

Last night I saw Penguin Highway. The movie gave me a lot to think about. I. Be better everyday The movie opens with a montage of the main character Aoyama studying and writing in his diary, explaining his philosophy of “becoming a little better every day”. Aoyama wonders how great of an adult he can […]

Algeria and stuff

In about 1 hour from now I’ll be leaving for Algeria for a week. Goal: to make a kickass presentation about Tsukuba University to two universities there. This is the nice part of working with the University’s internationalization program: I get to go to very different places I would have never thought of going otherwise. […]