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In about 1 hour from now I’ll be leaving for Algeria for a week. Goal: to make a kickass presentation about Tsukuba University to two universities there. This is the nice part of working with the University’s internationalization program: I get to go to very different places I would have never thought of going otherwise.

Sorry for not posting at all during October, but that month was a complete mess for me. I had to write a grant request for my current research project in the university (in other words, I had to write a nice letter begging the ministry of education for money :-P). I also had to write a revision for the research paper that I started in Rio de Janeiro.

Now with both these things done, I’m still full of stuff to do, but I should be able to control these tasks so that they don’t leak into my personal time. And I need to, because my house is a desolate mess. The lights on my shower room and my living room have burned out and need to be replaced, and the pile of “washed by not yet ironed” clothes is almost as high as myself. :-)

Anyway. People keep asking me “what classes do you teach in tsukuba”? It turns out that, until now, I only taugth short special courses to a small number of students, or replacement classes. But starting from november I will finally have some all-claus designed courses.

By the end of November I will be part of a seminar on parallel computing, teaching a 2 hour introductory course on MPI programming, and a 2 hour course on parallel optimization. Then on the first week of december I will give an invited class on Cryptography to a high school in Japan. Then I will have a 12 hour intensive course on evolutionary algorithms by the end of December, and an intensive course on scientific methodology by the beginning of February.

So next time they ask me what do I teach? I can finally answer: EVERYTHING :-D

Beam me up, Scotty!

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