Testing Activity Pub Support

I’ve installed the ActivityPub plugin to this blog. In theory, this should allow people to follow my blog from the Fediverse (mastodon, etc). Let’s see if it works. And since just making a test post is boring, let me add that I’ve recently put all my pico8 games on itch. You can find it here!

Happy New 2023!

I spent the morning of January 1st working on this little animation. It uses all the things that I have learned in the past week while following LoveByte’s demoscene tutorial. Here is some of my work during the tutorial, maybe you can see where I took a trick or two? 2022 was not a great […]

Ludum Dare 39

A few weeks ago, I did a pretty neat game on Ludum Dare! The game is called “Shy Gladiator”, and can be played here. The theme this time was “Running out of Energy”. As usual, I tried to find a unique interpretation for the theme. Most of the other entrants used the idea that the […]