Loose Thoughts Like Loose Change

These days I have been reading the University Newspaper as a way to practice my Japanese. The front page news was that the university released “University Bonds” to finance itself. So that is a thing. I wonder if that is a good thing. I think people buying university bonds means that they trust the university […]

Drained by Plagiarism

This week I have been feeling super drained because of a plagiarism problem in my programming intro lecture. Last week one of the TAs noticed a trio of identical reports. I sent a message to the students asking them what was up with that, and what one of them said in response rang some alarm […]

Master Thesis Defense, 2022

This week we had the Master Thesis defense, for students graduating in the CS program at the University of Tsukuba. There are about 140 defenses total, and I was invited to be a member of the committee for 8 of those. While I was reading the theses in preparation, I got curious about which professors […]

OpenVPN troubles.

The SMTP (send mail) server for the Tsukuba University CS department can only be accessed from whith the university. With the fair amount of travelling I do while working (or even when working from home), I need some way to log in and send my e-mails whenever necessary. One “simple” way to do that is […]