Two Months of Tsukuba

After two months working as an assistant professor in the University of Tsukuba, things are starting to shape up.

After a short dry spell, I got plenty of research projects going on. A tutorial paper with my former advisor, an application of GA/GP for cancer research with a professor I met in Morocco and some theoretical GA work with a CS professor in my department. Also, I got into a technical project with the International Relations office. So much stuff to do!

I’m getting a lot of support from my “bosses” (I got two of them, long story) — the professors are making their best to add me to the “iinkais”, which are workgroups inside the department. This means more work for me, but it’s also great for my standing in the university.

People often ask about my classes. My coursework hasn’t started yet. I probably will have no classes until October, then I will give two intensive courses in October and December. Things might change, but this is what is planned anyway.

My apartment is almost “complete” — or at least not lacking any of the essentials. This week I bought a bookshelf and a couch, which should complete my living room. My bedroom has mostly used furniture, but my living room is looking pretty cool. Maybe I should hold a party on Sunday to celebrate.

Talking about parties, today I met the new brazillian students in Tsukuba University. It was pretty cool, they are so excited about their new environment. Two of the students are in my department, and at least one of them is interested in using GA in his research, which is great — my mad plan to have EC take over tsukuba progresses :-P

Yesterday was the Geocaching Hanami. I haven’t geocaching for a long time, which was a big mistake. Geocaching is so fun. So after doing some caching again yesterday in Ueno, I got the taste of blood in my mouth, and today I found 3 more caches. I also had a chance meeting with a big name Geocacher who happened to work with me during the Morocco trip. Awesome.

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