Ludum Dare Again!

After a short break, an inter-pacific trip, two inter asian trips, and a change of work, finally, it is that time again!

Ludum Dare, the charming challenge where you have to design and create a game in 48 hours from scratch, is coming up again. Last time, even though I was proud of my result, there were many failures in my cute little game. This time, I decided to prepare myself more carefully:

  • Last week I’ve worked on a very simple warm up game, to refresh my libraries in my mind.
  • Then this week I did some research on automated music creation tools (since my last game had no music).
  • Today I made my song list for the event
  • Tomorrow I’m going to buy a bunch of food for the weekend, since last time I ate way too much junk food.

Wish me luck, and please follow my updates during the weekend in my LD Journal!

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