Trying to build a habit

This week, I have been trying to build a habit. Every night, after returning home, I (1) Study Japanese for 1 hour, (2) write a blog post, (3) clear some of my old bookmarks. It has been hard, since I usually arrive very tired at home. I feel like spending some time browsing social media […]

The one hour workday

I want to share this text, The 1-hour workday, which a friend posted on Facebook recently (see, it can be good for something!). In the text an academic discuss his trick to keep productive (in the sense of writing papers) in the middle of all other university tasks, such as classes, meetings, reviews, activities. His […]


When I was a kid, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” left a lasting impression on me. The image that was burned in my mind was the journal of doctor Jones, Indy’s father. The entire story was about the character searching for a treasure based on the clues hand-written in that leather bound book. Scrawly […]